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Brian P. Kayser

Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I am a science fiction author from Holt, Michigan. I am currently writing a series of novels in my spare time and hope to have the next novel ready for publication in late 2013.  Currently this is my hobby and I write mostly at night once the kids are in bed.  To pay the bills, I am the Vice President of Technology for a construction management company in Lansing, Michigan.  I am also the President of a youth baseball program in Holt.  My wife Mary and I have been married for over 18 years and we have three children.

TCOE-Small - CopyMy first published book was “The Curse of Europa.”  It actually started out as the prologue for the book series I am working on now, however as I got over zealous in my research of Europa, it quickly became much too long for a prologue.  I decided to throw it up on WATTPAD for fun, but the ending was just too abrupt and I really couldn’t call it a complete story in that state.  So I put a few months of work into it to make it a viable stand alone story, now it is four times as long as it was as a prologue with a complete beginning, middle, and end.



HalleysPortal-newThe story arc I am working on now centers around the next appearance of Halley’s Comet in 2061 and follows 5 years after the events in The Curse of Europa.  It is not really a direct sequel but it does reference the events of that book as history; and will re-use a few of the characters.  The working title of this book series is called Halley’s Portal and it is being aimed at the Young Adult market, but I’m hoping it appeals to all ages.   Book one starts out with four teenagers vying for two spots aboard a space mission to visit Halley’s Comet on its next visit to our neck of the woods.  The two selected “Space Cadets” will be key characters in subsequent sequels in a battle to save the Earth from being enslaved by alien invaders.  The ship’s crew, which consists mainly of scientists and these teenage Space Cadets, will be the unintended and unlikely rebel saviors, as they are inexplicably trusted through time and space.

For anyone that follows my blog, I will tell them how to get a sneak peak of Halley’s Portal Book One.

5 thoughts on “Author Blog for Brian P. Kayser

  1. I just read your Europa novel. I loved it. Now I’m trying to find your Halley’s Portal novel but I can’t. Did you complete the book and continue the series?

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